by imPRESS

imPRESS Manicure has long held the title of #1 Nail Brand positioned as stylish and on-trend, functioning as an accessory that can complete any look no matter the mood or moment. In 2021, imPRESS launched its Color and premium collections, providing consumers with a wide range of on-trend designs to fulfill their evolving style needs. In 2023, KISS aimed to boost sales, increase imPRESS Press-on Manicure's household penetration, convert more nail polish users, and attract new users to the press-on nail category by launching the new breakthrough nail technology collection, colorFX by imPRESS.

EGC Group for Kiss/imPRESS Nails

Creative Direction
Art Direction

Erin Lagano
Christie Bacchioni


To encourage new users to include imPRESS in their nail care routine and increase purchases
from existing customers, KISS launched the new ColorFX by imPRESS collection. This innovative
approach to press-on nails disrupted the nail polish space with breakthrough color technology,
offering captivating mirror effect and metallic shades unattainable with regular polish, and the
team needed eye-catching content to match.


To support this launch, we created a series of launch videos highlighting the product's functional
and emotional benefits. These high-gloss, vibrant videos inspired by the chromatic, hi-definition colors, aimed
to generate excitement and anticipation, drive awareness, trial, and conversion, and solidify imPRESS
as the must-have manicure for a confident, stylish look.