Taryn Rose
Pre-Spring ‘18

Dr. Taryn Rose evolved her experience as an orthopedic surgeon to launch her namesake brand, introducing comfort
to the world of luxury footwear with a single purpose: to merge comfort with quality. In an effort continue
its legacy as a hybrid luxury footwear brand, the ask was to revamp, reimagined and relaunch the heritage brand,
infusing a modern, aesthetic through storytelling and fresh visuals.

From concept to execution, we deeloped a campaign, creating content for the new  website, print and social media channels.
I oversaw the creative vision for this campaign from pitch to execution to create a narrative around the effortlessly
stylish, modern, luxurious and comfortable woman, aligning with the core brand values Of Taryn Rose Footwear.
Collaborated with teams to revamp the site, campaign/seasonaimagery, and social channels with an elevated, modern look.

Creative Direction, Creative Strategy, Art Direction, Design, Prop Styling, Site Redesign
Year: 2017